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frequently asked questions

Can I cancel an incorrect link / email attachment?2024-06-12T13:17:17+04:00

You can cancel your links and email attachments at any time, or you can cancel them only under certain people and conditions.

Can I send unlimited size email attachments?2024-06-12T13:15:43+04:00

Yes, you can automatically send all the email attachments you uploaded via Outlook to the link and send unlimited-size files by email. FileOrbis does this without affecting users’ habits and flows on Outlook.

Can I define a quota for users?2024-06-12T13:13:36+04:00

You can define general and special quotas on a user basis and update quotas at any time.

Can we defined user-specific folders?2024-06-12T12:58:20+04:00

Yes, you can open a special file environment for each user.

Can I integrate my existing users and groups?2024-06-12T13:11:56+04:00

You can include your users and groups on Active Directory and Open LDAP, and you can even add multiple directory structures to define file sharing and collaboration between different directory structures. In addition, any directory changes you make are immediately reflected on FileOrbis.

What file operations can I do on FileOrbis screens?2024-06-12T13:09:36+04:00

It allows you to do file operations on your computer, including uploading, downloading, generating files and folders, deleting, compressing, and more.

Can i define special folders for users?2024-06-12T13:07:53+04:00

Yes, you can create a unique file environment for each user.

How can we provide security integrations during downloading and uploading of files and documents?2024-06-12T13:06:10+04:00

FileOrbis can check file exchanges in all file systems and in all directions. It integrates with the existing security systems while doing these checks. You can incorporate your products, such as DLP, Sandbox, Anti-Malware, and Zeroday, and enable running these analytics sequentially and simultaneously.

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