FileOrbis AI Enabler.

Responsible Feeding to AI via Content Management

Data Repository Agnostic Integration

Ingests files from multiple data repositories, making it adaptable for diverse IT environments.

Intelligent Filtering and Classification

Content-based intelligent filtering and classification select the most relevant data for AI processing.

Compliance Through Anonymization

Selective anonymization of sensitive data prevents unauthorized access and ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

Permission Check

Continuous permission management ensures that only authorized personnel access specific data tailored to different roles and teams.

Business Value of FileOrbis AI Enabler

Enhance productivity with FileOrbis Enabler without compromising privacy and security.

Secure & Continous

Ensure secure and continuous content feeding for AI.

Reduced Cost

Reduces operational costs by minimizing the need for prompt and search activities within AI.


Integrates with all content and file repositories to boost productivity.

Eliminate Risks

Eliminates risks from insider threats, data disclosure, and exposure.

Always updated

It keeps content secure and updated in real-time, ensuring prompts are based on the latest data, digital assets, and workplaces.

Secure Prompt

Eliminates threats from prompt hacking activities.

Enabling AI. Feeding Enterprise Content

Enterprises use AI to boost productivity, but this increases security risks. A Gartner study shows that 72% of cybersecurity leaders see oversharing as a major threat, and another survey reveals employees can access millions of files on day one. FileOrbis’ AI Enabler allows AI to use private data safely. Download our datasheet to learn more.

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