Aiming to manage the user and file relationship within an institutional framework, FileOrbis is constantly being developed in order to meet different industry and customer needs in terms of file management and sharing. Since 2018, FileOrbis continues to be developed with the excitement of the first day. FileOrbis focuses on high security, rich integration, ease of use and integrated management criteria.

Customer Oriented

Ethical & Reliable

Caring and valuing people

Transparent and sincere

To prioritize innovation and quality

To be a pioneer in technology and to be brave


To be one of the first solutions that come to mind in the global market regarding corporate file sharing and management.


To develop the most secure, integrated, fast and easy-to-use high quality software required to meet the ever-changing needs of customers and to ensure its sustainability.

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by FileOrbis in Content Collaboration Tools

Safe, Ergonomic and Useful Program Corporate Data Transfer

Thanks to the FileOrbis product, we had the opportunity to transfer our in-company data securely. It is our best assistant in ensuring the security of access to our external data.

Manager, IT Security and Risk Management, Banking

Optimizing Workflows with Secure and Flexible Management

FileOrbis is a comprehensive platform that provides an effective solution for file management, tailored to the current needs of the business world. Designed with a set of advantages and features, this platform ensures users a more efficient working experience. Key Features are Remote Access and Easy Management, Security and Compliance, Integration of Dispersed File Environments, Reducing Software Development Cost.

IT Specialist, Government

Speed, Secure, On-Prem and Redundant File Transfer System

It is a product that has no problems with infrastructure and application management. End users have also adapted very quickly and are actively using the product. Filorbis has reached the key point for secure file transfer within and outside the company. On the support side, teams follow the process very devotedly. Our suggestions are taken to the development roadmap side and information is provided when the development is put into effect.

IT Infrastructure and Operation Senior Specialist, Finance (non-banking)

FileOrbis Evaluation

It has proven to be a highly successful product that meets all the sought-after features in cloud applications, boasting high performance and offering mobile access options.

IT Security & Risk Management Associate, Energy & Utilities

Simple, Easy Administrated File Transfer Service

Product installation is simple and it provides different installation choices by selective add-ons. Customer service is quick and responsive. They upgrade applications frequently and provide new functionalities.

IT Senior Associate, IT Services