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Access & Manage Your File Systems From Single Point

The FileOrbis Access Manager offers a unified interface for managing all file systems, simplifying administration. It provides seamless file access across web, mobile, Outlook, and desktop platforms.

Enhanced security features allow customizable user permissions for secure file access. The platform supports efficient file sharing, public workspaces, and eliminates the need for VPN for mobile users.

Users can view and edit documents online without downloads. It also enables collaborative workspaces, generates detailed reports on access and transactions, and integrates with existing IT and Security solutions.

Not Just Files, Send Access Right

FileOrbis offers a secure and manageable solution for sharing files with external users. It allows you to set customizable permissions, protect access with passwords, IP restrictions, and time limits, and share documents as links without file size limitations.

You can monitor user activities, revoke access anytime, and utilize various link access methods such as HTTP(S), FTP(S), SFTP, and API. With FileOrbis, you can enable document preview mode for external users, eliminate uncontrollable file sharing methods, ensure secure link delivery, and prevent excessive email server growth due to large attachments.

This comprehensive approach simplifies external file sharing while enhancing security and control.

Turn Your Existing File Server to Next-Gen File Server

FileOrbis streamlines file and permission management by allowing you to oversee public folders and user profiles without relocating them. It provides detailed reports on user permissions, tracks and manages file versions, and lets you mount FileOrbis folders directly to your computer.

By integrating with existing file servers, FileOrbis offers advanced permission management, instant NTFS permission synchronization, and flexible file-sharing options. It enhances security and logging, enabling users to manage their permissions more efficiently.

Additionally, FileOrbis supports storage share and snapshot integration, comprehensive reporting on file server operations, and graphical displays of user sharing interactions, upgrading your existing file server to a next-generation solution.

Define Automated and Integrated Flows

FileOrbis integrates comprehensive security measures including Anti-Malware, DLP, Sandbox, and Zero-Day protection, and supports two-factor authentication for access and links. It facilitates approval processes for sharing activities and allows the establishment of security policies based on user activities, groups, and IP addresses.

With both automatic and manual security flows, FileOrbis proactively manages users and data to minimize security risks. It enables custom and global restrictions, integrates sandbox and anti-malware solutions, protects sensitive data with DLP, and enhances application and mobile security through MDM integration.

FileOrbis also secures file exchanges with external parties or different security networks via DMZ, supports file type-based rules, administrator approvals for file sharing, and tracks document views with a Watermark add-on.

Discover Sensitive Data in All File Systems

FileOrbis offers comprehensive data management across all file systems with robust discovery capabilities and user-driven or automated tags for enhanced control. It identifies and analyzes sensitive business-related data, generates detailed discovery reports, and implements systematic file aging. Automatic labels based on data analytics and content-based policies mitigate risks and increase value.

The FileOrbis Data Governance Manager ensures data security through real-time auditing and adaptive approaches, preventing data leaks and maintaining a seamless user experience. It supports instant analysis, keyword searches, and detection of sensitive information like credit card numbers to meet compliance requirements while defining policies to control the flow of sensitive data.

Multiple Add-on Support

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by FileOrbis in Content Collaboration Tools

Safe, Ergonomic and Useful Program Corporate Data Transfer

Thanks to the FileOrbis product, we had the opportunity to transfer our in-company data securely. It is our best assistant in ensuring the security of access to our external data.

Manager, IT Security and Risk Management, Banking

Speed, Secure, On-Prem and Redundant File Transfer System

It is a product that has no problems with infrastructure and application management. End users have also adapted very quickly and are actively using the product. Filorbis has reached the key point for secure file transfer within and outside the company. On the support side, teams follow the process very devotedly. Our suggestions are taken to the development roadmap side and information is provided when the development is put into effect.

IT Infrastructure and Operation Senior Specialist, Finance (non-banking)

Simple, Easy Administrated File Transfer Service

Product installation is simple and it provides different installation choices by selective add-ons. Customer service is quick and responsive. They upgrade applications frequently and provide new functionalities.

IT Senior Associate, IT Services

Optimizing Workflows with Secure and Flexible Management

FileOrbis is a comprehensive platform that provides an effective solution for file management, tailored to the current needs of the business world. Designed with a set of advantages and features, this platform ensures users a more efficient working experience. Key Features are Remote Access and Easy Management, Security and Compliance, Integration of Dispersed File Environments, Reducing Software Development Cost.

IT Specialist, Government

FileOrbis Evaluation

It has proven to be a highly successful product that meets all the sought-after features in cloud applications, boasting high performance and offering mobile access options.

IT Security & Risk Management Associate, Energy & Utilities

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